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We will reorganize your space

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Interior Remodeling 

We remodel interiors to give your living/work space the look and finish it deserves. Sleek finishes with an eclectic finish, Royalls ReDeqors understand your home and its unique requirements.

Exterior Remodeling 

Whether it’s a gorgeous patio or the outdoor seating area, Royalls ReDeqor’s exterior remodelling packages can help bring your vision for your balcony, garden or patio alive.


Painting Remodeling 

A good paint job can absolutely transform a space! It can open up smaller spaces and turn a dull room wall with a vibrant wall spreading positive energies around. At Royalls ReDeqors we have a wide range of paint remodelling services including

Painting ideas at a glimpse:

  • Texture: Gives walls rustic appeal with the gritty and rough finish

  • Royale play: A special effect for the interior walls;

  • Wall Cladding: Stones, designer tiles, pebbles, sculptures

  • Ceiling: Sky roof paintings etc.

Lighting Remodeling

And finally, score the goal by lighting the lamps.

Illuminating ideas to make your living/work space more radiant:

  • General Lightings: Chandeliers, ceiling or wall-mounted fixtures, track lights, lanterns for exteriors

  • Task based lightings: Cabinet, tape and track lighting, pendant lighting, and portable lamps

  • Assent based lightings: Focus lights - creating visual interest and highlights key elements on the texture of a wall.

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Green Homes

We have the expertise to make sure that the process of renovating homes/workspace does not put the homeowners or their neighbors in danger from lead and other unhealthy and toxic building products used in the past.

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